3 jun 2022
18 aug 2022
vrijdag 3 juni 2022 00:00u

Festive opening:
Friday, June 3, 19-22h.
20.30h: Opening speech by Bülent Evren, chairman of the assessment committee, and afterwards dancing under the Breitner painting with DJ Johnny Macintosh, who treats us with funky tunes, danceable soul and jazz.

Artists: Jaehyun Kim, Daria Lou Nakov, Hagar Schuringa, Jurel Bakker, Lou – Lou van Staaveren, Marjolijn Rijks, Sophia Maria Favela.

Sprouts II is the second edition of 2022 within the Sprouts Alumni Programme. In collaboration with the Stichting Beeldende Kunst (SBK), a selection of young academy graduates have been invited for the presentation ‘Sprouts’ in the Arts Club. Arti offers recently graduated artists a stage and a membership to the Amsterdam artists’ association. The Sprouts, who live and work spread across the Netherlands and Europe, may consider Arti their Amsterdam home base in the coming years. Alumni evenings are organized with opportunities for lectures, meetings and discussions and the opportunity to exhibit.

Arti would like to share the experience and knowledge that is present among artist members, art-loving members and employees of Arti, and the Sprouts will surprise Arti with new ideas and art. They will be offered a reduced membership for the next five years. Arti is known for the stately Berlage interior and the great Breitner, but is also a location where young, challenging and critical art is given all the space it needs.

The selection of the SPROUTS exhibitions is in the hands of the SBK. The alumni program is a collaboration between the chairman of the assesment committee Bülent Evren, general manager of Arti Johanna Somers and the SBK.