Regis Gonçalves

Adventurous Times on the Island of Good Fortune

16 mei 2022
27 mei 2022


vrijdag 20 mei 2022 17:00u

Régis Gonçalves
Adventurous Times on the Island of Good Fortune Brasil

May 16 – 27, 2022

Opening Reception: Friday, May 20, 17:00-21:00

17:30 – Lezing :From Good Fortune to Better Future:
Ons Avontuur in de 21eEeuw is onmiskenbaar: ‘Rethinking Humanity’.

Astrid Elburg
Voorzitter Rijksmuseum Muiderslot
Voorzitter Vrienden van Stichting Stadsarchief Amsterdam

Hoe kunnen wij als soort een volgend niveau van evolutie in gang zetten waardoor de relatie tot elkaar en de aarde de moraliteit bepaalt.

Verwerping van de dehumanisering kan met behulp van Kunst van de ‘Ander’ die dit urgente humane avontuur verbeeldt.

21:00 – Short Classic Music Concert


“……People often disguise their preferences to fit in, and they often
go with the flow – not because it is right but because it is the
Johan Norbert

Adventurous Times on the Island of Good Fortune

Adventurous Times on the Island of Good Fortune is an exhibition that ought to be perceived in different ways. At first it may refer to the exploitation of Africans and indigenous people during the Portuguese colonization in Brazil. Secondly, as a kind of representation of the first inhabitants on the Island of Good Fortune: the indigenous people, and Africans after 1500.
Much has already been said about slavery and the slave trade. There are many articles explaining and describing the horrors occurred on
the Island of Good Fortune legally from about 1500 to 1889.

My aim with this show is to encourage people to stand up against this dehumanising discrimination. Slavery and the slave trade have always
existed and exist even now; it is powered by casting aside individual
rights, placing people in an inferior legal and social position, and
denying their humanity. It is the supreme act of discrimination. Anger at this inhumanity is a central feature of the show; but the exhibition examines other social and cultural issues in a creative way.

Art is a platform for discussion. Artworks are vehicles through which
a subject can be discussed. So, the point here in this exhibition is
to not only to feel sorrow for the misfortunes those seen in these
paintings but more to acknowledge their fate and eliminate the prejudices that have been imposed on them. A central expression I have chosen to use is to leave untouched the personal features of the subjects, but to contrast them with a bright background and white flowers.

These white flowers act as a symbolic metaphor for freedom and against discrimination. The images are intentionally placed behind glass; this ritual act transforms the artefacts into objects of admiration.

Throughout history, events tend to repeat themselves; the adventure on this particular island was not right, but many followed the flow. Bearing it in mind, we invite you to join us and wear a white flower attached to your clothes as a way to remember those who were forced into the Adventurous Times on the Island of Good Fortune.

Regis Gonçalves
March 2022

Adventurous Times on the Island of Good Fortune

Art Space
ARTI – Amsterdam
May 2022



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