*laughing in background* *footsteps approaching* *clatter continues*

9 apr 2022
8 mei 2022


vrijdag 8 april 2022 19:00u
Openingstijden: maandag t/m vrijdag 12:00 - 18:00u

Feestelijke opening: vrijdag 8 april 19:00 – 22:00 uur 



*laughing in background* *footsteps approaching* *clatter continues* is een groepstentoonstelling bij Arti et Amicitiae waar het sculpturale werk van zes kunstenaars een amalgaam geheel vormt, een organisme waar objecten en materialen als levende entiteiten in verbinding staan met elkaar en de toeschouwer. Het werk van de deelnemende kunstenaars beschouwen we als ecosystemen: stromingen van objecten, technieken en materialen die constant in transitie zijn. Binnen de tentoonstelling bundelen we de verschillende ecosystemen tot een groot geheel.

Door de verbintenis tussen object, materie en mens benaderen we de tentoonstellingsruimte vanuit een scenografisch perspectief, waar het werk ingezet wordt als katalysator voor transformatie en interactie tussen werk onderling en toeschouwer. Sculpturen fungeren binnen de tentoonstelling een rol binnen een experimentele scenografie: van ‘protagonist’, ‘antagonist’, ‘kostuum’, ‘rekwisiet’, tot ‘decor’. Een fluïde omgeving die reageert op de ruimte en fysieke aanwezigheid van de toeschouwer.

Binnen de tentoonstelling werpen we een kritische en nieuwsgierige blik op de hedendaagse omgang met materie, objecten en omgeving, en de sociale en ecologische impact hiervan. Zo gebruiken we gevonden en alledaagse objecten en combineren we traditionele technieken met industriële materialen, die gemaakt zijn om onveranderlijk en onaantastbaar te blijven.

Ian Skirvin (NL/USA)
Irene de Boer (NL)
Leyla Aydoslu (TR/DE)
Wessel Verrijt (NL)
Fleur De Roeck (BE)
Jesse Strikwerda (NL)

Dit project wordt gesteund door het Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Iona Stichting & JUMP!


*laughing in background* *footsteps approaching* *clatter continues* is a group exhibition at Arti et Amicitiae in which sculptural work of six artists forms an amalgam, an organism where objects and materials are connected as living entities with each other and the spectator. We regard the work of the participating artists as ecosystems: flows of objects, techniques and materials that are in constant transition. Within the exhibition we bundle the different ecosystems into a large whole.

Through the connection between object, matter and human, we approach the exhibition space from a scenographic perspective, where the work is used as a catalyst for transformation and interaction between the work itself and the spectator. Sculptural elements play a role within an experimental scenography: from ‘protagonist’, ‘antagonist’, ‘costume’, ‘prop’ and ‘decor’. A fluid environment that responds to the space and physical presence of the spectator.

Within the exhibition, we take a critical and curious look at the contemporary way we deal with materials, objects and the environment, and their social and ecological impact. We use found and everyday objects and we combine traditional techniques with industrial materials, which are made to remain immutable and untouchable.

Ian Skirvin (NL/USA)
Irene de Boer (NL)
Leyla Aydoslu (TR/DE)
Wessel Verrijt (NL)
Fleur De Roeck (BE)
Jesse Strikwerda (NL)


LEYLA AYDOSLU’S (1987, TR/DE) work is often a deconstruction of architectural elements adapted to the scale of the human body and of the space where the work is shown. The artist looks for objects of possible interest in the streets, often remnants of building materials, which she then converts experimentally into constructions and sculptural installations that may be both robust and elegant. While respecting the properties of the material, during the creative process she looks for ways of linking the various elements together to the point where a sense of tension arises.

WESSEL VERRIJT (1992, NL) builds sculptures that play the leading role as “entities” within his rituals. In the rituals he creates, his props, set and protagonists come together to form a immersive installation. Within the immersive installations there is a fine line between art, theater and choreography, in order to create a new mythology of symbols and meaning. In the work of Verrijt, public space plays an important role as a source for building materials and as a backdrop for films and performances in which the sculptures come to life and interact with the environment.

IRENE BERDINE DE BOER (1994, NL) works and lives in Amsterdam. After finishing her Master of Arts in Painting at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen in 2018, she stayed at CalArts: California Institute of the Arts and Otis College of Art and Design in the USA. She works with professionals in the field of Material Culture, Art History and Organic Material Science and makes a bridge between elements in subcultures; pop culture, street-culture and combines contemporary techniques with traditional media. She is interested in how patterns with an origin in nature become adopted in culture and how synthetic aspects of our culture become artificial nature. Her works often resemble an optimistic, playful and nostalgic feel.

JESSE STRIKWERDA (1991, NL) creates installations that include drawings, video and objects. In these installations, malleability is a central concept. The malleability of a story, but also that of a construction, in which it is clearly visible that the maker was present. Traces of the creative process are important here, so that the work never looks like a static situation, but always with a potential for growth. Something doesn’t consists only of what has been made, but also what you decide to make of it or not to make of it. That malleability, in which potential and whether or not a promise is ulfilled is essential, is what Jesse looks for in his work.

FLEUR DE ROECK (1992, BE) lives and works in Antwerp and spent her childhood in the country side of France. In her works she conveys her fascination for the intuitive, unconscious and mystical through a recurring and characteristic line and dynamic use of colour. Her work, which arises from the experimental playground that is her studio, includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and installations, has a spontaneous and hospitable character, even if the world she evokes with it is sometimes more dark and wild. She is lately also interested in inviting and letting play others in her environments and going further in bringing things to live.

IAN SKIRVIN (1991, NL/USA) uses methods similair to building a movie set, his work could be seen as an uncanny environment which he uses to observe and influence the audience. Within this scripted setting, he uses commands to guide the audience into exhibiting behaviour that they otherwise might not display. The accepting or rejecting of these commands influences the eventual outcome of the work. The individual becomes part of a group which is creating a collective memory. The moment in which all these actions lead up to events that could never have been predicted and is what fuels his fascination and enthusiasm to keep building upon the aftermath of his creations.


This project is supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Iona Stichting & JUMP!