Arti Air

Irakli Sabekia

8 sep 2023
8 okt 2023


vrijdag 8 september 2023 19:00u

“Observatory 1D is an instrument for altering vision. In this take on the camera obscura, a narrow slit serves as the aperture instead of a traditional pinhole or a lens. The design allows the camera to isolate a slice of the visible field — as a result, the light reveals images that would otherwise elude the naked eye. The extreme reduction of the field of view confines the eye to a slim dimension of space, where familiar shapes morph into abstract shadows. As the camera scans through its surroundings, it unveils visions hidden in plain sight, inviting the viewer to observe the ordinary with a different gaze.

Experiments on the project began in 2018 at the Design Academy Eindhoven’s former Man and Leisure department. During the ‘Arti Air’ residency at Arti et Amicitiae in July 2023, the latest version of the camera was built. The presented film is a compilation of footage created with it throughout the remainder of the summer, captured in various locations in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Italy.”