5 sep 2020
18 okt 2020

Opening: Friday september 4 from 18-22h. Mail for your RSVP

INSIDE BLACK is a concept in two phases, a book and an exhibition. The meaning of the color black is investigated through Art, Science, Culture, Politics and the unknown.

Black is loaded with associations throughout history referring to race, class, religion, high fashion, the human dark side or shadow side and now Black holes. Each of these subjects will be addressed INSIDE BLACK.

Artists, poets, performers, physicists and visionaries will join the challenge, to each write a chapter INSIDE BLACK, the book.

Esther Tielemans
Leslie Browne
Sean Hannan
David Straange
Angéle Etoundi Essamba
Joan Gannij
Sara Hermanides
Alexander van der Linden
Robbert Ruigrok
Anthony Murrell
Saskia Janssen
George Korsmit
David Hammons (with reservation)
Rob Sweere
Tramaine de Senne
Akinsanya Kambon (with reservation)
Joseph Sassoon Semah

Curator: Leslie Browne

Image: Rob Sweere, PHOTON Montes Azules Mexico


A selection of contributors (from left to right): Rose Sarpong, Joan Gannij, Anthony Murrell, Monique Duurvoort and Otion

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