Kate Fahey, Rodrigo Red Sandoval, Jack West

6 aug 2021
28 aug 2021


vrijdag 6 augustus 2021 16:00u
Open: monday - saturday 11 - 18 pm. Entry € 3,00.


Rodrigo Red Sandoval (MX/NL), Kate Fahey (GB) en Jack West (GB)

Grootheden als de zon, de maan, aardlagen en vulkanen geven ons leven op verschillende manieren vorm. We vinden ze terug in planten en verbrandingsmotoren, in ons eten, in de ritmes van eb en vloed, onze hartslagen, bakstenen en gebouwen.

We leven onze levens te midden van kosmische grootheden en een dagelijkse hoeveelheid scroll-bewegingen. Met hun sculpturen en installaties bevragen Rodrigo Red Sandoval, Kate Fahey en Jack West hoe we ons verhouden tot die verschillende dimensies.

Aan de tentoonstelling is een publieksprogramma gekoppeld met artist talks, performances van Marijn Ottenhof (NL), David Excoffier (GB/ CH), Ivan Cheng (NL/ AUS) & Kristoffer Zeiner (NL/NO) en Tom Kemp (NL/GB). Ook is er een filmprogramma, HOT! Like the Corona of the Sun, samengesteld door Ángels Miralda Tena (NL/CAT).

Vrijdag 06/08
16 uur Opening met performance door Marijn Ottenhof

Zaterdag 21/08
16 uur Performance Ivan Cheng & Kristoffer Zeiner

Zaterdag 28/08
14 uur Artist Talks / Rondleiding
15.30 Performances Tom Kemp en David Excoffier*
17 uur Filmprogramma HOT! Like the Corona of the Sun
*David Excoffier’s performance vindt elk weekend plaats

Er zijn beperkte plaatsen beschikbaar voor de opening en het publieksprogramma. Reserveren wordt aangeraden. LINK

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Group exhibition
Rodrigo Red Sandoval (MX/NL), Kate Fahey (IR/GB) and Jack West (GB)


Cosmic forces like the sun, the moon, volcanoes and geological layers organise life in many ways. They are materialised in plants, food and the rhythms of bodies, bricks and buildings. In the drum of the production line and our heartbeat, in the veins lining the underworld of our cities and our anxieties. They resonate through the rise and fall of the tides, our alcohol soaked conversations, our mediatic and our nervous systems. We live our lives between cosmic actors and comment threads. How do we relate to this erratic flow?

Gut Feeling wants to listen.

In association with the exhibition, there is a public program with artist talks, performances by Marijn Ottenhof (NL), David Excoffier (GB/CH), Ivan Cheng (NL/ AUS) & Kristoffer Zeiner (NL/NO) and Tom Kemp (NL/GB).

A screening program, HOT! Like the Corona of the Sun, curated by Angels Miralda Tena (NL/CAT) and a text by Zoénie Liwen Deng (NL/CN).

Friday 06/08 4pm Exhibition opening with performance by Marijn Ottenhof
Saturday 21/08 4pm Performance Ivan Cheng and Kristoffer Zeiner
Saturday 28/08 2pm Artist Talks / Walk Through
3.30 Performances Tom Kemp and David Excoffier*
5.00 Screening program HOT! Like the Corona of the Sun
*The performance of David Excoffier will run every weekend

About the performances

Dystopian Drive (2021)
Marijn Ottenhof (NL)
Live set with spoken word
Friday 06/08, 6.30 pm

A sonic landscape that brings together the exorcizing potential of dark techno with an acknowledgement of the deep grief we are facing in the ‘age of disaster’. Sci-fi soundtracks are referenced by emotional synths while slow, broken beats bring to mind haunted dance floors. A danse macabre in which annihilation becomes the condition of any move forward.

Non-binary as a spaceship (2021)
David Excoffier (GB/CH)
Durational performance
Every saturday at 4 pm

Using a sensor, Excoffier’s heartbeat is translated into a video game engine and varies the speed of the animation. They may or may not be present within the gallery space.
The animation revolves around a spaceship orbiting a star. Inside the ship are the voices of queers and non-binary individuals, they have interviewed, asking how they would conjure their own identity in a tangible form, how they would see their body if technology were limitless, and to recall a strong bright memory. The voices form the crew and the organism of the ship itself, an interconnected generative system.

GEMINI REDUX (Beeny’s Prayer)
Ivan Cheng (NL/AUS) with Kristoffer Zeiner (NL/NO)
Saturday 21/08, 4pm

Possession dissolves in the chiaroscuro stratosphere. For GEMINI REDUX (Beeny’s Prayer), two large objects made by Zeiner of coloured fibreglass, carbon and kevlar fibre, epoxy resin, will reprise the role of ‘Beeny’ that Cheng cast them in for GEMINI EXIT (Beeny’s Retirement) (2019). Originally focused on agency without authorship, that situation for camera was developed in the Oude Kerk in the context of the Come Closer programme (cur. Radna Rumping), in relation to the commissioned mellotron by Janet Cardiff/George Bures Miller. GEMINI REDUX reunites Cheng and Zeiner outside of consecrated space, again staged in a pose of subjective distance.

After the Maestro
Tom Kemp (NL/GB)
Durational performance
Saturday 28/08, 3.30 pm

After the Maestro is a tabletop roleplaying game set within an ‘anthropomorphised anatomy’ – a depiction of the inner human body as a vast industrialised city, sustained by microscopic workers analogous to cells and microbes. Players take on the role of groups of labourers during the aftermath of a successful emancipation within the inner body, where the ‘Maestro’, or organising, vital force of the body, has been deposed.
Through collaborative storytelling and ludic mechanics, each session of the game generates a new narrative of anatomical and social re-organisation, complicating and estranging common body-politic metaphors into an unpredictable tale of emancipatory body-horror.

About the Screening:
4 Films About the Sun:
HOT! Like the Corona of the Sun
Screening program curated by Àngels Miralda (NL/CAT)
Saturday 28/08, 4.30 pm

The screening program, 4 Films About the Sun revolves around the notion of the sun being an astral body capable of causing blindness, revolution, daze, and points of no return. Including films by: Agnieszka Polska, Anton Vidokle, Bahar Noorizadeh, Wilhelm Sasnal.

About the artists:
Rodrigo Red Sandoval (NL/MX) works with sculpture and image. He has been a resident at Jan van Eyck Academie (Maastricht) and holds a Master of Fine Arts from The Glasgow School of Art. He was awarded with The Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Award (2019) and was selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries (2016).

Kate Fahey (IR/GB) is an artist working with print, sculpture, moving image and installation. She received an MA in Fine Art Print at the Royal College of Art, London and in 2020 she completed her practice-based PhD at the University of the Arts London. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Tim Mara Trust Award (2015) and the New Contemporaries Studio Bursary with SPACE Art & Technology (2020-2021).

Jack West (GB) works with sculpture and CGI video. After graduating with an MFA from the Slade School of Art in 2016, West was selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries and awarded the Kenneth Armitage Young Sculptor Prize and the Gilbert Bayes award for new sculpture by the Royal Society of Sculptors.

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Image: Rodrigo Red Sandoval, Nooooo, 2021