Indoor/Outdoor 2022

17 mei 2022
20 mei 2022

Live Art Manifestation
17-22 May Arti, 21-22 May Overhoeks, 22 may Sexyland

Arti et Amicitiae
Pay at the door (cash or pin)
Students € 7,50 | Regular € 15 | Wet € 20* | Eros € 25*
*extra support
For reservations mail flam@outlook.com

Public space Overhoeks
Free entrance

Tickets € 2,50 via www.sexyland.world


FLAM #9 serves a sizzling live art program with performances, audiovisual installations and unexpected interactions. After three years of mostly working behind the scenes, this new edition brings you a wide choice of local and international artists along with their works, which can be witnessed at close range. From a post-apocalyptic one-eyed bird of a cabaret singer named Puddles the Pelican, an earth eating cultural researcher, a rubbing expert that always puts pleasure at the center of work, to a bold musical performance questioning how we perceive otherness, each one of FLAM’s performances proposes a unique experience between the public and the work.

FLAM #9 is unmistakably related to urgent topics of our times. It questions how our identity, which is a process of becoming, is cultural and politically framed. How can we relate to one another in a time of imbalance? Or to the otherness in ourselves? FLAM is the undercurrent of our present society. Come over and experience it!

Indoor & Outdoor
FLAM opens on Tuesday 17 May with four nights of performances, audiovisual installations and choreographies in the gallery spaces of Arti et Amicitiae. From there we will move to a two day program of outdoor performances at the public spaces of Overhoeks in the north of Amsterdam. We close this year’s manifestation with a vibrant music and performance party at Sexyland.

Apart from the live art presentations, a public program of roundtable talks on themes such as the work situation of the freelance artists in the Netherlands, and workshops are being prepared.

​Participating Artists
The participating artists are based in the Netherlands or come from different parts of the world such as, Estonia, Brazil, Canada and the United States: Andrea Zavala & Maciej Sado, Antonia Steffens & Sigrid Stigsdatter, Davi Pontes & Wallace Ferreira, Erin Hill, Esther Arribas, Fernando Belfiore, Jeremy Wade, Jessie Yingying Gong & Bin Zhu, Johhan Rosenberg, Karina Villafan, Lyubov Matyunina, Mami Kang, masharu, Lola Bezemer, Mavi Veloso, Moran Sanderovich, Paula Walta, Philipp Gufler, Phoebe Osborne, Publik Universal Frxnd & Louwrien Wijers, Sarah van Lamsweerde & Leroy de Böck, Setareh Fatehi, Thais Di Marco and Vincent Riebeek.

Curators Flam IX
Rose Akras, Alice Pons and Olivia Reschofsky

Guest Curators
FLAM stimulates the growth of an international network for curators and programmers. In this edition we welcome guest curators and programmers from Glasgow ( BUZZcut), Toronto
( Rhubarb Festival) and Lausanne (Les Urbaines). read more

FLAM team
Artistic director – Rose Akras
Core Team – Alice Pons and Olivia Reschofsky
Communication & Graphic Design – Bea Correa & Iris Peters
Production – Rob Visser & Sadhbh O’Donnell

Arti et Amicitiae team
CEO Arti – Johanna Somers
Coördinator – Marjo Boeijen
Technics – Oscar Klok
Communication – Mirjam Taverdin
Graphic design print – Katja Vercouteren

This project is supported by the AFK, Mondriaan Fonds and the municipality of Amsterdam Noord.