Direct Me to the Centre of Gravity

4 sep 2021
3 okt 2021


vrijdag 3 september 2021 00:00u
Openingstijden: maandag t/m vrijdag 12:00 - 18:00u

Opening: friday september 3, 16-22h.
Due to restrictions, Arti has limited space. Please make your reservation here 

Artists: Ruta Butkute and Emily Kocken

How To Make Sculpture Move, a collaboration between artist Ruta Butkute and artist/writer Emily Kocken. The project puts language and objects in a dynamic dialogue, creating new functions for audience and performer, in the context of an art exhibition, live performances, moderated talks, and readings.

Arti & Amicitiae presents the first phase of the project via Direct Me to the Centre of Gravity an installation of new performative sculptures by Ruta Butkute, and a sound installation by Emily Kocken, accompanied by a public program. The book How To Make Sculpture Move will be published by Jap Sam Books in 2022, graphic design by Inedition.

Public Program

Friday 10th of September 17:00
Lecture performance by Emily Kocken
On reading art, and being moved. About the power of words, and anticipation.
How we can move an art work (and vice versa).
language: English

Saturday 18th of September 16:00
Meet the artists
Both artists Ruta Butkute and Emily Kocken will be present to answer questions and give a personal tour.

Saturday 25th of September 16:00
Sculpture performance Let your body do all the talking

The exhibition space becomes interactive via a series of choreographed guiding
performances. The audience will be invited to touch sculptural objects.
artist Ruta Butkute
performer Yurie Umamoto
text Emily Kocken

All events are at Arti et Amicitiae in the exhibition spaces on the first floor.
All performances are free of extra charge except for €3,- (standard Arti entrance fee).
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Book Concept (sketch) How to Make Sculpture Move, graphic design: Eva van der Schans @RutaButkuteEmilyKocken

Tumble #1, 2020 / ceramics, steel tube, aluminium

How To Make Sculpture Move is supported by Tijl Fonds and  AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts)