An evening on artist books

What My Hands Know

Gabriele Franziska Götz and Martín La Roche


16 feb 2023

Publishing as an artistic praxis – talk by Gabriele Franziska Götz
GF will talk about dramaturgy and narration of a publication on the basis of examples, and on what she understands by the collaboration between designer and artist.

Gabriele Franziska Götz > ambulant design > One-woman studio. Development of various projects in cooperation with artists, authors, publishers, institutes, galleries, internationally active, responsible for concept, picture editing, design and production with different media.

Unfolding books as a performative tool – talk by Martín La Roche
A recurrent part of Martín La Roche’s bookmaking and storytelling practice is dedicated to exploring paper, printing, bounding and folding techniques, as extensions of the art practice. In his talk he will expand on his interest in books as containers of larger movements, seeing them as scores or performative tools that embody and connect the construction of past and future narratives.

Martín La Roche (Santiago de Chile, 1988) is an artist based in Amsterdam. He is dedicated to gathering and weaving webs of stories and objects. /

This event takes place in the group exhibition What My Hands Know, with new and existing work by twelve international and Dutch artists: Stéphanie Baechler, Sara Bjarland, Helen Dowling, Alex Farrar, Janina Frye, Ceel Mogami de Haas, Christine Moldrickx, Emmeline de Mooij, Charlotte Eta Mumm, Benjamin Roth, Evita Vasiljeva and Dieke Venema.

The exhibition focuses on artist practices where materiality, intuition and a process-driven way of working are central. The title refers to our interest in embodied knowledge and to hands as tools and transmitters of information between the inner and the outer world. In an increasingly digital world, our daily reality is often quite disembodied, and physical bodies are often viewed as obstacles rather than as carriers of knowledge. In this exhibition, viewers are invited to reconnect with their senses and to explore the tactile, material, and physical presence of the artworks. The exhibition comprises installation, sculpture and objects the broadest sense of the word: using a multitude of materials like textile, clay, aluminium, moving image, household objects, nail varnish, sound, latex, building materials, medical equipment, food and 3-D scans, the artists work across a range of both more traditional and new techniques like weaving, ceramics, drawing, editing, casting, laser cutting and assemblage. Each artist presents a unique perspective on the creative process, in which intuition, experimentation, transformation and a constant dialogue with materials is the driving force. The selection of works explore a broad range of both personal and current, universal themes, related to the relationship and interactions between the body and its inner/outer surroundings.

What My Hands Know is a project initiated by artists Sara Bjarland and Charlotte Eta Mumm. The exhibition is generously supported by Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst and Iona Stichting. Individual artists also received support from the Constant van Renessefonds, Mondriaan Fonds, State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia, Amarte Fonds, Stichting Stokroos and the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.