Unfinished Talks


20:30 uur

Unfinished Talks is an event that gathers a small group of art-related people to discuss art ideas,
projects and works in progress. The discussions take the form of a one person presentation followed by a feedback given by the rest of the group. Besides artists, we also invite galleries owners, curators and critics…

The event takes place every 3 months in Amsterdam. After 4 years of existence in various artists’studios, the Talks will be from now on hosted by Arti and the upcoming event is scheduled on 3 November 2016.

We usually have between 2 and 4 presentations per event but it can vary according to their duration.

The presentations can be:
– About art works of any medium: visual art, film, music, performance, painting, drawing, writing, curatorial…
– Of flexible duration: sharing your view on an article, on a show/specific work for 3-5 minutes is possible as well as holding a preview screening of your 45 min. film, and everything in between.
– Of any form and content: it can vary from an application to an art fund or residency to more conventional work in progress, or even just an freshly born idea, a inspiration. You just feel the need to share, tell, evoke and discuss about it.

We believe that sharing is essential in the arts. And it doesn’t (only) happen with a click on Facebook. Furthermore, we also believe that reflecting and questioning one’s work or process is inherent to artpractice, and by organizing the Unfinished Talks, we want to invite you to get out of your studio for an evening and show, talk, express, or simply listen and see other artists’ work. And at the end, we’ll learn a bit more about each other around a few glass of wine or beer.

The group is limited to 16 persons to insure an close interaction between participants and a laid-back atmosphere. Please note: because of its international character Unfinished Talks is an English spoken evening.

Whether you want to present or participate as a giver of feedback, please sign up through e-mail. Send an e-mail (with a description of what you are presenting if that’s the case) to Federico Campanale: mail@federicocampanale.com.