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Global Warm Up #2

8 nov 2019
20 - 02.00h.
Entrance: free
>>> Global Warm Up #2 > The Green Masquerade Edition
21:00 dystopian piano bar with Philip Ullman
22:15 Performance Elisa Zuppini
22:40 Performance Song to the Sirens by Fabian Reichle
23:00 The costume contest starts
00:00 Trance music by jujul0v3
01:30 Piñata Destruction
Come with your extravagant upcycled costumes and grotesque refurbished masks to mock and defy society’s standards and rules. Let’s suspend together the line between reality and fantasy for one night with a special attention to a very urgent matter: climate change.
Global Warm Up #2 includes a take over of the café of Arti, a big piñata, a delirious costume contest, trance music, visceral performances, a sound piece and more surprises
With works by Avoidstreet, Juliette Lizotte, Joséphine Péguillan, Fabian Reichle and Elisa Zuppini.
Entrance: Free!!
Dress up for our Green Masquerade: recycle your trash and put on a mask to give us YOUR interpretation of climate change and global warming and get the chance to win prizes and to take part in the collective narrative of the evening.
Global Warm Up #2: the Green Masquerade Edition is a fest borrowing to Samain* its frightening yet playful character. Samain’s origins date back from ancient Celtic traditions: it was new year’s eve. This day marked the end of the summer, the last harvests and the beginning of the dark, cold winter, a time that was often associated with human death. Celts believed that on the night before the new year, the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred…
However New Year celebration is also a moment to set your intentions for the upcoming year(s)…
Global Warm Up is looking at new formats to discuss environmental issues in a playful and interactive way inviting artists and thinkers who reflect upon Global Warming and Climate Change in their practice to collaborate.
Global Warm Up is a collective composed of Juliette Lizotte (jujulove), Eduardo Leon (avoidstreet) and Fabian Reichle.
Videos and texts by Juliette Lizotte; vertical screen: make-up by Elisabeth Mesnier, fantastic beings embodied by Karen, Sanae and Manfreddi; special Thanks to Philip Ullman
The exhibition Pleuriversum will be open till 23h.
Manifestation with activist art, performances, installations, lectures and music, about ecological awareness .
‘Pleuriversum’ plays with the issue of a global ecological crisis. Looking at our earth as a closed system in which small changes in one place can also have an effect elsewhere – positive or negative -.
From the visual arts, social design, performance art, fashion, philosophy, literature and science, the art event offers the visitor a kaleidoscopic spectrum designed as an ecological system in itself. Starting with our own body as a self-regulating cycle, zooming out further and further into the world around us, the manifestation meanders through the entire Arti building as one sensory laboratory. With stimulating ideas and playful, surprising insights from cultured meat ice cream and beauty articles from body juices, to a ‘Groningen ditch’ and its inhabitants and the consequences of nuclear disaster Fukushima.
After the opening on November 2 with Museum Night, we create a lively day- and night program full of interventions, lectures, artist talks, podcasts, performances, fashion shows, live music and guided tours, in which topics and backgrounds are highlighted.
Isabel Burr Raty (CL/BE) | Thomas Thwaites (UK) | Pink Pony Express (VS/NL) | Koos Buist (NL) | Esther Kokmeijer (NL) | Marwan Moujaes (LB) | Tinkebell (NL) | Madison Bycroft (AU) & Angelica Falkeling (SE) | Next Nature (NL) | Global Warm Up (FR/PE/IT/DE) | Kalan Sherrard (VS) | Iekeliene Stange (NL) & Ibelisse Ferragutti ( BO) | Schwierige Franz (NL) | Talking Trees (NL)
Concept | Arjen Lancel & Merel Noorlander
PLEURIVERSUM is supported by.
Stichting Museumnacht, het Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, het Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, Arti et Amicitiae en Stichting DOEN (Pink Pony Express)