Arti concert

jazz duo Wladigeroff brothers and klezmer singer Benjy Fox-Rosen.


15 sep 2017
20.30 uur
Vrij toegankelijk voor leden en introducees.

Balkan Jazz meets Klezmer
On September 15th Arti et Amicitiae will be hosting an extraordinary jam session
bringing together the jazz duo Wladigeroff brothers and klezmer singer Benjy Fox-Rosen.

Musicians in the third generation, descending from one of the most prominent musical families in Bulgaria, the Wladigeroff Brothers were born in Sofia in 1978. Demonstrating prodigious musical talent at an early age, they went to perfect their education at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.

Very quickly the brothers Alexander (trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals) and Konstantin (piano, clarinet, composition and vocals) became highly sought after session and theatre musicians with an excellent reputation in Austria and abroad. Their performances carry an unmistakable touch, masterfully and fancifully flirting with swing, classic jazz, Balkan and Latin sounds, as well as with modern grooves.

Benjy Fox-Rosen is an American singer, bassist and composer. He is primarily dedicated to researching and performing Yiddish music, and is interested in the intersection of folk traditions with the avant-garde. Fox-Rosen is one of the leading young practitioners of Yiddish vocal and klezmer music.

With all the musicians involved in a variety of projects and formations, the event at Arti et Amicitiae provides a rare opportunity to meet and jam together. Playful jazz interpretations, fabulous drinking songs and a fewheart-jerking ballads promise to leave the audience dreaming and skating the light fantastic.