Arti et Amicitiae is an art-society, founded in 1839. The society of visual artists and art-loving members is a place where artists and those who are interested can meet each other in an outstanding building on the Rokin, in the centre of Amsterdam. The building contains a private 19th century society, with the interior designed by architect Berlage. The building also houses monumental exhibition rooms.

The aim of the society is to look after the interest of the artists, and to promote the arts in general. The society now has roughly 1550 members, about 550 artists and 1000 art-loving members.

The developments in visual arts are important to Arti. A number of times a year the exhibition rooms are reserved for members. In this tradition, Arti starts every new year with the exhibition "New Members". This provides the artists who became members the previous year with an opportunity to show their work and introduce themselves to the society.

Within the art world Arti occupies a particular place; she is neither gallery nor museum and functions without structural government grants.

Exhibition proposal

A proposal has to fulfill the following conditions:

A clear written concept, with theme, max 1-2 A4 with explanation, statement and an original vision.

The choice of the artist must have a clear relation with the concept. Explain design of the set-up of the expo and if this contributes to the overall picture.

No solo's.

Appreciated: additional readings, debates, lectures, education program etc.

Exhibiting in Arti:

Always on one side of the buildings: room II, III, IV or V, VI, VII, see floor plan. A general expo takes appr. 4-5 weeks ecl building up 3 days and 1 day building of. Arti provides 20 hours help from the technical department.


Arti has no budget, can just help a little with transport and not too big material purchases. The exhibitor has to apply him-herself for eventual subsidies. The exhibitor has to guarantee that there will be an exhibition, also when there is no subsidy, to event empty spaces in the Arti-rooms during the period of the liaison.


Arti makes invitation cards, has a website (Facebook), newsletter, weekly e-reminder etc. to make extra publicity. Of course it is advisable that the exhibiter also contacts his network and that of the artists, see also our arti-flyer,replica lv to send e-invitations and reminders per artist. It is important to start thinking about a PR-plan in an early stage.

The opening:

An opening can generate a big public, especially when there is a nice celebratory program. After the opening (on Fridays 20.00 - 22.00 h.) in the society (our café-bar with restaurant designed by Berlage our famous architect) there will be a DJ or a little band, or performance which combines with the expo, the exhibiter can do suggestion. Arti has a small budget for that.

From 18.00 h. visitors of the opening can eat in the restaurant, where will be a buffet. They can buy a dinner-ticket for € 11.

Delivering documentation:

The petition has to be delivered with:

- documentation with enough photos-film, DVD, video etc. in consultation with the exhibition coordinator Marjo Boeijen marjo@arti.nl.

- a floor plan with a concrete selection of art-works or site specific works.

- Budget and plan B in case of no money, this will be in the contract.

You can send the complete documentation to:

Arti et Amicitiae

Attn.: Marjo Boeijen

Rokin 112, 1012 LB Amsterdam The Netherlands

Please also send all the info by email to Marjo Boeijen: marjo@arti.nl

The building of Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin in Amsterdam, historical picture.
The building of Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin in Amsterdam, current picture.